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I have spent the past 15 years writing professionally in some capacity. From internships to jobs to freelance work, I have written for local newspapers, school districts, landscape supply companies, commercial real estate firms, third party logistics providers, marketing agencies, manufacturing companies and more. Below you can find a sampling of my work. If you want to know more about any of the projects I've worked on or how I can help you, get in touch!

[Blog] What’s the Difference? Understanding Copywriting vs. Content Writing

As you search for someone to help with your content, marketing or website, you may see a few different terms to describe writers. Some are strictly copywriters. Some are content writers. Some do both. The two terms are not interchangeable. Writers might specialize in different types of writing because it’s what they enjoy, or it’s simply where they’ve spent the majority of their writing career. So what is the difference? Let’s take a look at copywriting vs. content writing.

[Master's Thesis] Bridging the Gap Between Internal and External Communications at Global Manufacturers

Global manufacturers have a range of stakeholders both inside and outside the organization: current and prospective employees, current and prospective customers, suppliers, distributors, salespeople, and others in the distribution chain. To communicate with all necessary groups, many manufacturing companies have set up internal and external communication teams that cater to a specific audience. In order to have cohesive communication and ensure all groups receive information that furthers the organization's goals, internal and external communication teams must develop coordination and work together. This Capstone analyzed how best manufacturers can coordinate their communications teams, to communicate with all stakeholders and grow the company.

Read the full paper: https://bit.ly/3sasnik

[Website Content] Financial Services

Be Confident that Regulators Will Accept Your Claim of Compliance!

When You Work With Stonegate, You Will Get:

Who We Are

Stonegate was founded by an experienced financial executive in order to enhance the fund manager’s largest asset, the trust of their investors, thereby increasing the probability of success.

What We Do

Stonegate delivers the necessary infrastructure and guidance to provide existing and emerging fund managers with fund organization, fund accounting, and investor reporting

[Blog] Benefits of Hiring Business Plan Experts

You have your big idea for a new business, something you just know people are going to love. But how do you get started? Well, you will need a business plan. That may sound scary – a big document you have to research and write and put together that is full of all your ideas, plans and projections. You don’t have to go it alone. You can work with a business plan expert to create an effective business plan to help you through the first few years of operation.

[Magazine Article] 4 common challenges irrigation pros face, and how to solve them

Saving water has been a hot topic of conversation for years – and not just in the irrigation industry – with drought conditions in most of the country. However, saving water isn’t the only challenge the industry faces. While homeowners are driving the market for technology advancements, technology cannot solve all problems. That’s where the human factor comes in.
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