Jennifer Klemmetson

creating B2B content + social media. teaching yoga. spending time outside.

About Me

Experienced communications professional working in the B2B sphere on content and copywriting projects. Looking to make the move from writing to campaign strategy and/or analysis.

What I Do

I create content, copywriting and social media campaigns. I enjoy working on digital marketing projects like blogs and websites, and using data to create the best results possible.

Why I Do It

Crafting the perfect content to get your message across and help your customers is hard, but I can help you find the words to say what you need.

Get in Touch

Learn more about what I do on this website, and hire me by contacting me here or through my company, Klemmetson Consulting.

My Articles

Benefits of Hiring Business Plan Experts

You have your big idea for a new business, something you just know people are going to love. But how do you get started? Well, you will need a business plan. That may sound scary – a big document you have to research and write and put together that is full of all your ideas, plans and projections. You don’t have to go it alone. You can work with a business plan expert to create an effective business plan to help you through the first few years of operation.

3 Tips to Make Your Lawn Care Eco-Friendly in Milwaukee, WI

Living in Milwaukee allows you to experience every season to its full potential. Cold winters, with the last frost typically in mid-late-April, and moderately hot summers, allowing a lot of second season crop growing. When you think of a green lawn, you might picture the color green. Thick green grass that you can sink your toes into. But there’s another way to think of a green lawn: Green, as in eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, sustainable. Your yard can be green, and green.
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